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Pill in Trip: find an analog to your usual medicine anywhere in the world, in a couple of clicks
Pill in Trip will help you to find the necessary medicine in any country on the planet. The target audience of this project are travelers, tourists and expats.

When traveling abroad, we sometimes need to purchase medications in foreign pharmacies. Quite often, the same substance would be distributed in different countries under different names. So when you come to buy it, you do not know what to ask for! In such a situation, visit the Pill in Trip site. It helps people to find analogs to medications they need in pharmacies all over the world. The project operates on a global level. It will help you to purchase the necessary drugs in Europe, the USA, Japan, Antigua & Barbuda, Yemen, Tanzania and literally everywhere on the planet.
What Is Pill in Trip and How Does It Work?
Pill in Trip is not an online pharmacy. You cannot purchase a medical preparation on this site. It is an online database that contains accurate and up-to-date information about drugs and their substitutes.
It is not a medical encyclopedia. It will not provide you with complete and exhaustive information about different conditions and their treatments. Pill in Trip is focused not on theoretical knowledge but the highly pragmatic issue of detecting the right pharmaceutical products. Here, you will be able to get only the most important facts about each listed drug: how to use it, which side effects it might have and how it interacts with other medicines.
Everyone can use this service for free. Its interface is extremely intuitive. Its primary target audience are travelers, tourists and expats.
The project was launched by a team of professional pharmacists. All of them have relevant education and vast working experience. You can check their profiles in the About Us section. These specialists gather information about drugs from all over the Internet and update it regularly. They do not share the links to the sources where they collect the data from — because they rely on hundreds of resources and all of them are publicly available.
Smart algorithms help the team to review and examine the database. Thanks to the joined efforts of human minds and artificial intellect, Pill in Trip becomes an exceptionally trustworthy source of data.
How Can I Use the Database?
You do not need to sign up for the system or reveal your identity. On the main page, there are three dropdown menus where you need to indicate the answers to the following questions.
• Where are you from?
• What is the name of the medicine that you are looking for?
• In which country will you be looking for this medicine?
Alternatively, you can search for the names of the medicines in the A-Z index below the dropdown menus. Also, in the top right corner of the page, there are buttons that lead to two indexes: Drugs A-Z and the list of countries.
When you push the red Find Pills button, the system will redirect you to a new page. There, you will see the analogs to the drug that you want to buy in the country that you are planning to visit. You will get to know not only the name of the product but also its ingredients, treatment options and pharmacological group. Plus, the system will tell you the match percentage of the two drugs (for instance, 60%).
When a Pill in Trip team member checks and updates the information, they mention the date of the last check on the page and sign it with their name. The experts of the project bear personal responsibility for every action they carry out.
Additional Functionality
The system enables you to compare several medicines. To find the variants for comparison, scroll down the page with the recommended drug. At the very bottom of the page, you will see the list of the countries where you can purchase any equivalents for the product that you were initially looking for.
The site will show you the maps with the closest pharmacies where you can buy these medicines. The system warns its clients that they should consult their doctor or the local pharmacist before purchasing a drug.
The Pill in Trip project was translated into12 languages: from English to Russian, from Chinese to Turkish. Add it to bookmarks before setting out on your next trip abroad! It will become your reliable guide to international pharmaceuticals.


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